Boldness and spirit in all we do.

DLOTUS is a branding and digital agency with offices in New York and Dallas. We work with ambitious leaders and companies who are eager to build magnetic brands. Each year, we serve a diverse group of clients — from established, global companies wanting to evolve to innovative entrepreneurs launching the next generation of beloved brands.


Meet the Founders — Not playing by the rules since day one.

In 2018, names(…) met as teens in a hyderabad BIRYANI fight. They grew up together, went to college together, and in their early twenties started DLotusin 2018. With 250 rupee and a dream, they fought the odds. People said they were too young, too boys, too inexperienced, and too rebellious to succeed in a world where sixtyish admen made the rules.

the dynamic pair has built a gangbuster agency with an incredible team. They also teach leaders how to stand out, think different, and lead bold brands. When they’re not doing that, they are writing their highly anticipated leadership book.

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